The North Carolina Environmental Health State of Practice Committee (NCEHSOP) is providing environmental health professionals with this two-day conference centered on improving public health practices through education and networking.

• Explore the historical changes of the Environmental Health program and anticipated future, including potential legislation
• Discuss health directors’ perspectives of environmental health and different ways they advocate for environmental health
• Examine the different types of seafood fraud that exist and relay who needs to be notified when such fraud is discovered
• Compare and contrast the many differences of how counties are providing private well information to well users in their respective counties
• Recognize and appreciate the role EHS’s have as leaders in public health/food safety as well as the importance of strategic planning and continuous program/individual improvement
• Outline a communication strategy that educates homeowners on the value of onsite
wastewater systems
• Describe the process for developing North Carolina’s modern On-Site Wastewater program
• Compare perspectives of delivering quality inspections versus quantity of inspections.
• Develop a plan of action to address an active shooter situation
• Review the changes in the job of an onsite wastewater inspector/evaluator over the last thirty years
• Discuss the latest trends related to swimming pool and tattoo safety
• Analyze the issues of groundwater contamination and the complications of permitting
wells in these areas
• Discuss emerging issues affecting children’s environmental health
• Demonstrate skills to help maintain safety in your work environment and strategies to avoid harm
• Examine ethical issues and decision-making strategies using case studies
• Reflect on the positive impact that the Environmental Health Specialist profession has on public health

Target Audience
Environmental Health Specialists, especially those with regulatory and field responsibilities in the areas of permitting, inspections, and public safety.

EH Symposium 2018 brochure

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