Course Description:  This course is designed to allow participants an opportunity to explore the various ways that risk-based inspections can be applied in retail and food service establishments. Topics will include the “process approach” to HACCP, applications of HACCP principles in routine inspection work, and assessing active managerial control of risk factors by operators through a HACCP system or other established food safety systems. While the process approach is new to many regulators, it is better designed for use in retail and food service settings than traditional HACCP approaches because it eliminates lengthy flow charting and hazard analysis for every type of food product.

General Prerequisites:
1. Know HACCP concepts
2. Read NACMFP HACCP Principles and Application Guidelines at

1. Identify possible hazards associated with retail and food service operations and the control measures available to prevent, reduce, or eliminate the risks of these hazards.
2. Apply the “process approach” of HACCP to routine inspections of retail and food service operations.
3. Identify appropriate techniques and methods for applying HACCP principles to inspections and offering intervention strategies for controlling risks to operators (those with and without HACCP Plans)

Course Brochure: FD215 Managing Retail Food Safety 2018