North Carolina Environmental Health State of Practice

Since 1981

Are you passionate about your Environmental Health career?  Do you believe EH is the best, know its the best and want to continue to be the best?  Are you ready to engage EH professionals from across this great state of North Carolina and nation?  Are you a great educator?  Or perhaps, do you want to sharpen your presentation and public speaking skills?

Can you meet or exceed these Expectations:
NCEHSOP members serve terms of three (3) years, with no limit on how many times you may be re-appointed.
NCEHSOP members are expected to attend all quarterly meetings (4 meetings/year), and in no case attend less than 3 quarterly meetings in a calendar year.  If a member attends less than 3 meetings and is unable to provide a written explanation that is approved by the executive committee, the member may forfeit their seat on the Committee.
NCEHSOP members shall actively participate in at least one (1) technical sub-committee.
NCEHSOP members shall abide by the By-Laws of the North Carolina Environmental Health State-of-Practice Committee,a Not For Profit Corporation.
NCEHSOP members are expected to help teach and facilitate courses to provide continuing education in our field of Environmental Health and be active members.
NCEHSOP members are expected to have strong ethical values, and to be respected by their peers.

If so, then you maybe a prime candidate for our Committee!

If you’re willing to make the commitment, you are invited to complete this application: Application – NCEHSOP and remit it to one of the Executive Committee Members.  We’ll get back with you.