This workshop is beneficial to anyone working in lead hazard reduction in environmental, clinical, early education, regulatory and inspections programs.   A module on using and navigating the NCLEAD Data base is included for new and existing NCLEAD users. In addition, lead remediation protocols for child occupied facilities, including schools, is also a part of this workshop.  It has been noted during program reviews and the accreditation review process that some county Health Departments do not have authorized lead agents that can monitor and maintain their environmental lead program. This SOP workshop attendance is a requirement for those seeking authorization in Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention.

This program has been specifically designed for North Carolina environmental health specialists, clinical nurses and child health consultants working with lead poisoning prevention in North Carolina.  Supervisors or administrators who have consulting and decision-making responsibilities with specialists will also benefit from attending this program. This workshop will equip attendees with the necessary tools to successfully manage and maintain a lead poisoning prevention program.

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